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´╗┐Cutis aplasia congenita (CAC), a congenital absence of skin and its appendages, may extend into underlying muscles and bones. The scalp is the commonest site and it may be associated with acrania. CAC presents either as a thin transparent membrane, a black eschar, an ulcer or a healed scar. The dilemma of either immediate surgical management or conservative treatment is much more pronounced in Cheap Mbt Shoes Uk the presence of acrania. Two patients with scalp lesions measuring 12 x 8 cm and 14 x 12 cm respectively and one patient with 4 cm wide circumferential trunk cutis aplasia treated conservatively are presented. The conservative treatment is simple, easy to carry out, and effective even for large defects; therefore, it is recommended Mbt Clearance Womens Shoes in cutis aplasia congenita till complete healing. Surgical interventions such as tissue expansion and resurfacing, contracture release, etc. are for the correction of subsequent deformity at a later date.  


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